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LASIK and Cataract Treatment in Fort Myers & Naples

We enjoy seeing patients of all ages for routine eye care and specialty evaluations including cornea, cataract, retina, glaucoma and dry eyes. Eye examinations for children (5+), teenagers, and adults, including refractions for glasses and contacts comprise a large portion of our practice. We strive to provide the best care possible using our years of experience and some of the latest eye care technology to provide cataract surgery, LASIK surgery, eye exams and more! We are proud to provide Naples and Fort Myer LASIK, cataract surgery and our many other eye care services so if you are looking for an eye doctor, call today!

All Saints Eye Center has convenient locations in Naples and Fort Myers open from 8AM-5PM and now on Saturday from 8AM-5PM at our North Naples office on Immokalee Rd.

Make All Saints Eye Center your resource for cataract surgery in Fort Myers and Naples, Florida!

If you are experiencing cataracts, you know that they cloud both your vision and lifestyle. At All Saint's Eye Center, we have convenient locations in Fort Myers and Naples where our own Dr. Zimm will walk you through every step of treating your cataracts, from a cataract evaluation to performing the cataract surgery.

If you are seeking information, consultation, or cataract surgery, visit our cataracts page for more information or call to schedule a consultation at one of our locations in Fort Myers or Naples, Florida.

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LASIK Vision Correction Surgery can be life changing. LASIK can allow you to experience your best possible vision without the aid of glasses or contacts.

At All Saints Eye Center, we provide our patients tailored vision correction surgery in Fort Myers and Naples, Florida. Our physicians understand that the vision of each eye is unique and they customize your LASIK surgery to reflect your individual needs.

All Saints Eye Center offers on site, state-of-the-art LASIK surgery in Naples and Fort Myers, and custom LASIK treatment is available for a majority of patients. Call one of our Florida offices today to schedule your free consultation at 239-592-5511.

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The retina of the eye is responsible for turning light into signals for the brain to interpret, making it vital to your vision. If you are experiencing retinal disorders in Fort Myers or Naples, Florida, call All Saints Eye Center today for relief!

Our experts at All Saints Eye Center are available to treat a variety of retinal disorders that may be impacting your vision. Our professionals treat Florida patients for disorders such as retinal detachment or flashers and floaters in facilities conveniently located in Fort Myers and Naples.

If you are experiencing sudden visual problems, please contact your Fort Myers or Naples eye doctor as soon as possible. Call us to schedule an eye examination today!

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