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Macular Degeneration Information Fort Myers and Naples

Macular Degeneration is a deterioration or breakdown of the macula. The macula is a small area in the retina at the back of the eye that allows you to see fine details clearly and perform activities such as reading and driving. When the macula does not function correctly, your central vision can be affected by blurriness, dark areas or distortion. Macular degeneration affects your ability to see near and far, and can make some activities - like threading a needle or reading, difficult or impossible.

Macular Degeneration is an aging process. Why it actually develops, no one knows exactly. Up until recently, there has not been effective treatment. It is the leading cause of severe vision loss in caucasians over 65. There are two types. Dry form is more common than the "Wet" form. The "Dry" form accounts for 90% of all patients diagnosed with macular degeneration. The "Dry" form is a slow, thinning of the tissues in which the vision gradually declines. The "Wet" for may have rapid and severe loss of vision centrally. This results from abnormal blood vessel forming behind the retina which may leak fluid or blood.

Some of the symptoms are; words on a page look blurred, a dark or empty area appears in the center of vision,or straight lines look distorted. If any of these symptoms are noticed, you should be examined by your Naples/ Fort Myers eye care provider. Quicker the diagnosis, the earlier the treatment. This will result in a better outcome.

Macular Degeneration Fort Myers

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